"The Soldiers Herb"

Family: Moraceae, Piper Aduncum L, Piper angustifolium.  Also know as Soldiers Herb, Bamboo Piper, False Kava. 

The name for the genus came originally from the Sanskrit word pippali. 'Matico' was named after the Spanish soldier who accidentally discovered the properties of the leaves when wounded in Peru.  This plant can stop bleeding and it can be used for stopping hemorrhages inside and outside the body.  The leaf applied topically to ulcers, slight woods, leech bites, or extraction of teeth can accelerate healing and ward off infection.  As a tea Matico is effective in aiding genito-urinary complaints, diarrhea, dysentery and cholera. Can also be considered an aphrodisiac. 

Home Uses 

  • Soaking leaves in hot water for 10 minutes, then apply leaves to affected area and use as an antiseptic. NOTE:  (Ensure temperature is comfortable before applying leaves)  
  • Matico tea can stop bleeding from the lungs, stomach ulcers or kidneys.  Beneficial in reducing inflammation, vomitingfever, menstrual complaints and as a postpartum tonic.   
  • In South America Matico fruit is used as a pepper spice alternative. 
  • Has anti fungal and antibacterial properties. 
  • Tea can be used to aid colds and flu and as an expectorant.