Indigo Wellness & Yoga was founded in 2006 by Wendy Allan-Kerr, a Holistic Practitioner that utilizes a variety of therapies, crystals and intuition in assisting each being in attaining their ultimate balance of unconditional self love. 

PROMOTING WELLNESS FOR A NEW WORLD, BY REMEMBERING WHAT consciousness is and how to incorporate what we know into living our daily lives.  WK  

Holistic health includes a variety of therapies that bring attention to the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life. Holistic health follows the belief that all parts of life are interwoven and equally important. Treatment in holistic health focuses on this belief.  Our lives as we know it change everyday often without us noticing these subtle changes are occurring in our world, our community, our families and most of all within ourselves.  Yes that is right we are changing from the inside out with the help of creator, the planets, our higher selves and perhaps a divine life plan that YOU put into place before you were born.  

It is time for humanity to remember and adapt to the new humans we are becoming.  Unconditional love for self is the first step in creating the world and life that can be dreamed possible!.  Literally we can all remember the dance of love and begin to allow the truth of the illusions of what we thought was real and true has been a reality that we have created in our own minds.  Believing in our own power of divine love we can have it all, what ever that is for YOU.  Holistic health can show us the way!

Our intention at Indigo Wellness is to help YOU discover what this really means in terms of real life.  We are here to help you understand that you are right where you belong, having the life you planned and really everything is perfect as it is!  Having the life you planned is an attainable goal, finding your true authentic self can be the first step of many along the journey of life!

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"For one who has controlled the mind, it is the best of friends
 but for one who has failed to do so, it remains the greatest of enemies."
 - Bhagavad Gita