Our services are by donation, trade or barter, as we face the changes of the of the world around us, we understand that everyone at some point needs a little help to understand what their heart is telling them.  It is true, as the Earth and the Universe change frequency our minds and bodies are undergoing major shifts in consciousness.  Are you ready to change your life?  For more information on services and prices, please contact us via email at om@indigowellness.ca


REFLEXOLOGY:  Feet first is a great motto.  Reflexology is an ancient Chinese technique that uses pressure points massage to promote the flow of energy throughout the entire body.  As relaxing as a massage, Reiki included!  (1 Hour)

CRANIO-Sacral Therapy:  A perfect non-invasive, dynamic integrative therapy designed to relax and release the tension in the body and the mind.  (1 Hour)

GROUP Yoga on a regular basis.  Email me and lets see what we can work out!  

(1.5 hour class; minimum 5 students, maximum 10 students)

REIKI Hands on or Distant

Distant Reiki    This consists of Reiki Energy sent through the airwaves to where you request it, be it for yourself or someone else. Reiki (pronounced RAY-KEY)  is a Japanese word that means Universal Life Force Energy; Reiki is a non-invasive, natural method that accesses this energy to heal the spirit, mind, emotions and body.  Reiki is useful for treating any illness and injury, including cancer, heart disease, insomnia, headaches, cuts and bruises, broken bones, lack of self esteem and confidence.  It can and is used effectively in conjunction with other therapies and can speed up recovery times; studies show Reiki stimulates the relaxation response.     

Once your request is received,  instructions will be sent on how to receive, understand and incorporate the energy.  We require a photograph of the being requesting  and accepting this Reiki Energy.  Requests will be fulfilled within 24 hours.  

REIKI Instruction:  Instruction in all levels of Usui Reiki, Tibetan Reiki, Karuna Reiki.  By appointment only. 

Energy Massage:  Full Body Relaxation Massage with Reiki and Crystals.  (1 Hour)

Access Bars:  Lets run those bars!  A non-invasive therapy, using meridian pressure points, this therapy assists in letting go of anything that does not serve you on all levels and dimensions. This can literally change your life .... if you wish.  (1 Hour)

1 HOUR LIVE Reading:  We can connect in one of many ways.  What messages do the cards hold?  This is a Full Life Path Tarot Reading,  with lots of interaction and time for questions.  

 VIDEO Reading:   What do the cards have to say? What Questions do you wish answered?  Need Direction?  This 3-5 card reading is 10 minute (approximate) 


 Please send requests  for ALL services via email to:  om@indigowellness.ca