Laughter to the Core

Laughter to the Core ..... by Wendy Allan-Kerr

I find a giggle deep inside my core today. I have been back in this realm for 2 hours exactly as I write this. This journey through the cosmos we are on; one can sometimes get confused as to where exactly we are when dawn comes. The term "timeline jumping" has revealed itself to me more than a few times in the last few weeks. Perhaps that is the explanation to the oddness that is sometimes experienced in life.  This is how the day began! Today is June 5, 2017.

Daylight was just creeping in, a big stretch, then I heard a deep deep rumbling under me, then the bed shook and walls groaned.  In the morning confusion I had enough sense to realize it was an earthquake. I get up excited like a kid and run downstairs and ask my husband if he felt the shake. He looks at me and says nope, felt nothing down here. LOL. Those that know me ... laugh with me here, I really did ask myself where was I, or whether I was dreaming when clearly I know what I felt!  Gotta love technology a seismic sight on the internet validated that yes I did wake up in the right place today and there was an earthquake close enough that I got to feel it.

So since the day started with the earth moving... It is only appropriate that one should listen to that Carol King song "I Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet" with lyrics. Yep feeling LOVE on a grande scale will and can move the earth.  Listening to the inner guidance showing me a grande message for the day, I look and see the Mother Goddess prayer flags gently playing in the wind. With an amazing chocolate mint coffee, made to perfection with Love... Thank you James. 

Love is the answer ... I hear again. Perhaps "they" wish to remind us. Yes change in the world is all around us. We need to find our own truth in all we see. Our inner guidance is where all answers lie. 

Yep I am on this earth plane for another day, growing pains can be uncomfortable ... Find love and there will be no more fear! Yep this is the source of my inner giggle! 

Big love fellow travelers! 


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