Making Dreams Happen ..... by Wendy Allan Kerr

This book came as a result of a Reiki student cancelling a refresher course.  I was excited to teach!  I opened my teaching notes and I thought I really should update the manual and make it perfect!  I had huge plans! Then it didn’t happen.  In that disappointment I asked my guides OK, now what?  I believed I was ready and that it would be a new beginning on the teaching realm. Then I heard a voice say just share with them how to use Reiki in your way; share your experiences …. that is the way we can change the world.  One person at a time.  I believe we all have the ability to be our own inner doctor and we can heal our body, mind and spirit.  Our bodies are way smarter than any medical professional in understanding and telling us really what is the root cause of the dis-ease in the body.  The tricky part is slowing down enough to pay attention to the signals!   

The intention behind this book is to assist anyone on their own personal healing journey.   As you read this book remember Reiki as you were taught.  This book is my experience as it relates to me on my journey.  Take from it what feels right to you.  We are all individuals with different beliefs, backgrounds and perspectives.  There are no right or wrong answers in life.  We are perfection at its finest!  Accept that and shine on Reiki friends! 


This e-book will be available June 2017!