We are One Human Family .... by Wendy Kerr

Earth changes are abundant, have you noticed?  Change in societies all around the world, is rampant.  Disclosure of hidden truths are surfacing.  The tangled web of lies and deceit are coming untangled.  Why?  Why now?  

The idea of the circle of life may hold clues to the answer.  All life is cyclical.  The universe is in a cycle, the earth is in a cycle, humanity is in a cycle.  This year 2016 in a numbers sense is a 9.  9 is the end of a journey/cycle in short.  We, whether we like it or not are part of this journey.  Look at your life over the last few years.  Really study what has changed, what you have experienced and what you have learned.  All around the world a cycle is ending.  We as a human race are being challenged in every way imaginable.  Ever wonder why?

At our very core of being the answers lie.  Many have forgotten what our true human family is; and why we have chosen this time in evolution to have a life on this planet.  We are interconnected to all life, race or species makes no difference.  A wise woman once shared with me that we all carry a "Key" of knowledge that we are to share unconditionally in order that we all learn and teach from the other.  Bringing the human connection that much closer.

In the days to come there may be ideals that were taken as truth, crushed.  Thing that were believed to be unseen, will be seen.  The very landscape of the earth may change.  All things to push our human family into a Oneness in Consciousness that our soul remembers.  A remembering within your very body, mind and spirit can happen in the blink of an eye.  Change in life is imminent as it has always been, for that is how we evolve.  

Coming together again as the HUman family in Oneness.