They Say ... Heal Thyself ... by Wendy Kerr

If you were to ask yourself, how do I heal, what would your response be?  The answers will vary from I have nothing to heal or perhaps you may just laugh out loud at the very thought of asking yourself something and expecting an answer that you can trust.  Laugh if you will ... no worries because in truth our bodies talk to us each and everyday.  Someday's a little louder than others. What do I mean by that; well how many of us have all of a sudden, out of the blue been stopped in our tracks by our back going out, or twisting an ankle?   A small temporary set back, as our body is telling us something, really it is.  If we ignore the symptoms or in other words, what the body is saying.  The universe will continue to conspire to make things happen until we begin to listen.  

How do we listen ... easy take a walk on a quiet path, meditate, ride a bike, run, paint a picture. What ever way makes you comfortable.  Often even sweeping the floor in silence can bring to our consciousness the answers we seek, or clarity to a situation. When we slow down the "thinking" process, the brain takes a back seat to the heart and then the heart can do its work, being the connection it is suppose to be. Yes this is how we communicate with our body, mind and spirit.  In union these three energies work to bring us back into being whole and healthy.

Yes friends ... we all have the ability to do these miracles on a daily basis.  There are no super natural powers needed. Bravery is a must!  The journey is one that will push you to your very limits of sanity as we remember to listen and trust our own intuition, because that is where our own truth lies.  The rewards of our journey into oneness are gifts so grande and beautiful, just as our creator said they would be!