Partner Unity Breathing by Wendy Kerr

This morning a dear friend posted a Partner Yoga video that has inspired me in so many ways!  Thanks Lorraine!  Divine messages come from anywhere, anytime and especially when we least expect it.   Divine connection to all is key for a healthy life!   (the link for the video is at the bottom).  

This journey we call life somehow becomes more enriching when we choose to share it with other living beings.  The gentle touch that brings lightening bolts through your body and your being quivers with excitement as it experiences the sensations.  A divine connection through the spark of love.  Yes, we have all felt it at one time or another, it may have completely blissed us out or scared the crap out of us.  Perspective is everything.  

Partner yoga can be one of those kinds of experiences.  No matter who your partner is!  Allowing another human being into your up close personal space can be uncomfortable at first glance, and as we learn to experience the feelings of closeness, the experiences sweeten. Perhaps our breath changes, or our heartbeat changes, many emotions flow through the body, often tears of joy, then the melting into another being so you begin to feel as there is only one energy.  Ah those feelings of unconditional love, joy, bliss among others you will understand when the experiences happen.  Yes, they will happen for each of you when you are ready for it too!

   "All sentient beings share the same air.  In this experiment, consciously share the breath.  In doing so, you can come together in the most elemental and supportive way.  You may use this technique between each posture as a way to reconnect."  - Yoga Tip

How about finding a being and trying this for yourself.  It is called the "Unity Breath"  Here is what you do;

  • Sitting on the floor, back to back with your partner.  You can sit in cross leg or straight leg position.  Whatever is comfortable for you.  Make sure that you are sitting straight and tall and that you are touching backs but not leaning on each other.  Find mutual support.  
  • Now settle into yourself and get comfortable and clear your mind by focusing on your breath.
  • Notice as you relax what your breath does, just watch and observe it.  Then start paying attention to how your body feels and observe your thoughts and feelings.  Don't analyze!
  • When you are ready, begin to notice your partners breath and start to notice the breath patterns you have created.  
  • Observe for a few minutes.
  • When you are ready, imagine you are wearing an un-inflated inner tube around your belly.  As you breathe imagine filling the tube in the front, sides and back (against your partners back),  As you exhale the inner tube deflates.  
  • As it feels right, begin to experiment with the breath,  inhaling at the same time, then opposite, then one inhaling, one exhaling and always noticing how it all feels.
  • As you wind down your connection, take a couple breaths and sigh it out.
  • Then go back to noticing everything again.  Is anything different?
  • Sit quietly for a few minutes.
  • When you are ready, turn around to make eye contact with your partner and share your experiences.
  • Be sure to thank your partner!