Yoga and Life .... By Wendy Kerr

The gift of yoga showed up in my life about 12 years ago.  In a time where rushing around going from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as could be managed was a daily routine for a growing family.  Having a busy family can be taxing on parents.  Child A to be here, child B here etc...  most of us wouldn't have it any other way.  In a quest to be super mom, long distant running, volunteering, social groups left little or no time for personal downtime.  But it is suppose to be like that in the illusion of "having the good life".  

Then along came Yoga and sideswiped everything that I believed to be true about life.  Like many, I can still remember how my mind and body felt after that first class.  There was this state of calmness that I had not remembered for decades it seemed.  Quickly the addiction came and not much got in the way of attending a couple classes a week.  Then teacher training presented itself;  that was never the intent;  but, I followed what felt right and jumped right in both feet planted, the roots grew, the tree sprouted and blossomed.  

Many hours, many tears, many new connections in places that were hidden from me before the journey; but Yoga has changed my life in ways that can't always be explained in words.  Yoga takes us on a journey inwards first in stopping that damn "Monkey Brain" I like to call it then onward to the heart of all matters .... then there is this thing called "energy" or "chi" that starts to flow.  When we become aware of what "that" really is, we become lighter in our minds, our bodies and our connection to the Divine.  

Incorporating yoga into our daily lives is easier than most people believe.  The trick is to become mindful in everything that you see, do, say and act.  Paying attention to your body as you bend over to pick something up, for example,  being mindful on your movement can and will  allow you to feel what is happening within your own body, hence giving you hints as to how to correct and heal what ails you.  Yes, it is work and worth the effort in creating a healthier new you.  

Give Yoga a try ... it will change your life!

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