1155-4 Be the Ninja .. By Wendy Kerr

Be the Ninja?  What does that mean, lol.  Catchy title, yep when my friend said that to me one day it immediately snapped my head up and I laughed.  We were talking about using reiki to improve the world we live in.  Of course she was right, by sending love to the planet, whether it be through prayer, meditation, spell or chant, it is all "LOVE".  Sharing that "invisible love" with all, no matter what is being like a Ninja!  Changing the world can be that easy!  Yes it can, and saying that, here may be a way to add more love to the picture! 

This time of year with the "energy" of the season running on its all year high, love is in the air, it is often magnified so that our emotions run so high, as we share time, love and often memories with those that matter to us in this life.  Are you feeling it?  Heart racing a little more than usual? Feeling something like anxiety, but it is more like anticipation?  Maybe even in a bit of a mental fog?  Yes, the energies of the planet are intense and you really are feeling something allow yourself to "feel" it, that is what life really is all about!  Give yourself permission to have passion about life.  Now use those feelings to pray/meditate and commune in celebration for all life with no exceptions!  For in prayer we are using our "secret ninja" powers to add light to the planet and the universe.  

Celebrate the "spirit" of the season,

Create the "Love" you wish to see in the world,

Show "Peace" to all beings,

Share your "Joy" for all to see

Be the Love, Be the Ninja!  ... wk


holiday ninja.jpg