Just Listen by Wendy Kerr


You know those days when nothing makes sense and the world around you appears to be in an insane spiral of ups and downs?  These times we we live in can be like that some days.  Today in my quest for answers to keep my own sanity one of my favorite books appeared and randomly these words found me.  "Just listen" ... which for me personally can be a challenge, one of my own lessons of growth on life's journey.  Learning and remembering that a personal response is not what it is about.  It is about Just Listening.   Perhaps these words may be appropriate for someone else out there in cyber land!  Enjoy!

 Taken from "Finding Your Strength in Difficult Times"  by David VIscott.


Some wonderful advice for you:  Just listen.

Listen.  When other people are talking, let them express their thoughts, their opinions, and their feelings, especially their feelings.  Don't just let them talk; listen to what they are saying.  Pay attention.  Try to understand.  

Listen.  You don't have to agree.  As a matter of fact, whether you agree or not should be beside the point.  Don't express your opinions or feelings while someone else is expressing his or hers.  Do you have a problem with that?  Do you feel you need to express your opinion, that you must make your feelings known?  When others are speaking, you won't be heard anyway, and you'll just lose points for trying.  

Listen without waiting for an opportunity to give your side, or pounce on the other person, or correct his or her mistakes.  The other person's reasoning and information is surely full of mistakes and distortions.  So what?  So is yours.

Listen in sincere silence.  It won't kill you.  You don't need to prove your point.  Just listen. Everyone thinks a good listener is smart.

Listen.  You don't need to persuade the other person, just understand.  If you don't, ask, "Could you explain that?" or "What do you really mean?"  But don't give your opinion while the other person is talking.  Just let him or her talk.

The good listener hears the unspoken thought.  Listen for it.  When the other person is finished, mention that inner thought.  The other person will know you heard and understood.

Then the situation will become quiet because the other person will be listening to your hearing.  All the pressure will fade and you can get on with life.

Listen.  There is nothing quite like being heard.

I listen to the space between the words other speak.

I live in the silence where knowing dwells.

I make room for life by creating stillness.