1155-3 .... Walking in Balance and Truth by Wendy Kerr


Remember to pray ... Remember to go within ....   the first words I read as I open the "Blue Book".  That is a nickname for a favorite book that often calls and guides me when I ask questions in prayer.  

"Walk in truth.  When you walk your path with the Truth of Heart, creator blesses your every step, your every desire brings forth happiness and laughter is always in your home".  

The planet is in desperate need of healing ... she is calling out from every corner, screaming actually and her cries are not being heard by a large majority of her inhabitants.  Human beings perhaps are to be a part of her protection and healing.  Praying daily and seeking guidance on the hows can be a frustrating and complicated task.  It is said, "ask and you shall receive" ...... Randomly a page opens in the "Blue Book" and here are the words that show themselves on the page.  

"Human Beings have seven major roles as Earth Guardians.  All of these tasks are important for this Walk in Balance.

  • The first gift is the gift of Song.  Know that your words are song too.  If you have nothing good to say, then honor the Sacred Silence.  Within Silence is a music which human beings must remember.  
  • The second gift is the Gift of Sight and Vision.  This is your connection to the Sacred Light of Spirit.  Human Beings must think nourishing thoughts!
  • The third gift is the Gift of Action, Love is action.  Touch your world with joy and with gentleness.  Your touch is a healing balm to all of the Relations.
  • The fourth gift is the Gift of Choice.  Use your will, your energy to bring life, to create in balance with Our Mother's Heart.  
  • The fifth gift is the Gift of Creation.  It is the Wellspring of your knowledge.  That Creative River called imagination and the power to bring forth life.
  • The sixth gift is the Gift of Sacrifice, the gift of giving away to one another.  Lay down your will that the Universe may prosper.  Find your Will as the Universe unfolds.
  • The seventh gift is the GIft of Your  Connection to Creator, the Gift of Holy thought, being and feeling.

In a world that is being bombarded by change, and it is human nature to rebel against change, often with extremely bad behavior toward one another.  Maybe if we start in our own life to remember to walk in more respect with all beings, human, animal and perhaps others.  We are all guardians of this planet, one way or another and if we the People of the planet can learn to walk in respect, we could eradicate the difficulties of the world!  

Shine on brothers and sisters!

Reference:  Maka Wicahpi Wicohan (Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creator)