1155-2 Peace ... Peace ... Peace ... by Wendy Kerr

Definition of Peace:  freedom from disturbance, quiet and tranquil .. freedom from or the cessation of war or violence.  

The topic of peace is at the front of many peoples minds in the world today.  What is peace really?  Is it a feeling?  Is it a state of mind? Oh the ramblings of an active brain.  Exploring what peace means to me and the experiences that have molded, lifted and allowed me to understand deeper in my own mind what peace is.   

As a child I remember clearly the words that PB (PB is the first of many amazing teachers/mentors that came into my life) would say from the back of the church "The Peace that passes all understanding, keep your heart and mind with Jesus Christ".  Words, words and more words that were put into the memory bank with no understanding really what they meant.  As a child this phrase was just a bunch of words thrown together that I didn't understand.  It wasn't time for me to get it, just storage to be updated at a later date.

Then we have a life and we learn and maybe even experience if we are lucky enough what peace is.  We have all heard phrases like "A world of peace", "I feel at peace" "Peace out" "Find your peace".  A word with so many expressions and so many meanings.  OK, I believed I understood what peace was.  Life goes on and we learn more.  One day it occurs to me that peace is also a feeling to be experienced.  Knowing and experiencing are two completely different things.  Life teaches us that.  This understanding of the feeling of peace snuck into my life through many Yoga experiences.  Being blessed with amazing mentors in this field (thank you Lillian, Friedel and Beth).  My mind was opened to another aspect of peace, understanding the connections of the body (muscles) and the emotions (feelings), and that amazing feeling that consumes you after yoga sessions. It becomes a bit of an addiction; what is the label for this feeling I experience during and after yoga.  Finally one day I get it, I felt at peace.  Every aspect of my body, mind and spirit was calm, tranquil peaceful.  Yeah I believed I knew what peace was!.

And life goes on and we learn and experience more.  When you least expect it teachers/mentors show up.  It was a time when I was learning some very tough life lessons. Robert, an angel from another time, told me to "Find that peace that passes all understanding"; in a flash as he said those words, the same words from the memory bank upgraded my understanding of peace.  A whole new understanding flooded and the feeling of Peace grew.  

Today in a world that lacks peace ... in my humble opinion when we can all find that peace within our own heart, mind and spirit, we will change our world, so all can know that feeling.  With love in my heart ... I wish for each and every soul to find their peace!