1155-1 The Human Experiment by Wendy Kerr

Emotions ... Human Beings ... Experience

The Big Bag of Emotions ... it is time to check and clean out that bag and let the universe assist us in this glorious overhaul of our lives.  Emotions, crazy chemicals in our bodies that make us do, act, say words that we would never say when we are rational or shall I say non-emotional. We have all experienced that; and on the other side of the spectrum we shutdown emotions because we don't like how they make us feel and when we stop feeling, disease happens.  So here we are as a world connected to various kinds of electronic devices that pretty much can and does control our lives.  As a society we have closed the door to feeling life.  Don't get me wrong, I love technology and it has its place, which is a totally different place than where human connection comes into play.  Moderation in all things.  

Understanding and identifying our own emotions and what sets our emotions or "moods" off is a good step to not letting another persons mood change ours.  One of my favorite observations was watching my sons minor hockey games; there were many (I tear up at such fond memories) one could always tell how a game would go by what was happening between the players on the bench ... and the parents in the stands.  One upset little person can change the dynamics and moods of the whole bench,  on any scale from happy to angry and everything in between.  As humans on this planet, as it has always been, we are emotional beings and we NEED the connection to other humans to grow and change.  That is why we choose to come to earth to EXPERIENCE, IE... FEEL!

When it comes to being completely open on how we feel and to really share our emotions is to be vulnerable and how uncomfortable can that be, really?  It takes trust in another being to truthfully share feelings and to believe and trust that person will honor what and how you feel.  Probably most that read this can recall a situation or person and know how that feels.  When was the last time you trusted?  Funny thing, I think this may be a huge lesson for a large majority of mankind.  Seriously!!!


As a health care practitioner, along the way I have had the honor of observing souls remembering what it is truly like to feel again.  (And right now I wish to thank all the "YOU'S" for allowing me that honor, Namaste family).  And you know what has been the key to that discovery for those souls, as well as my own soul journey?  The answer is simply breathing. Yep, breathing.  5 minutes of conscious breathing can change everything, from that tension headache, the flooding of the emotional roller coaster, to the pain in the neck from holding your shoulders up.  (Why are you doing that anyway?  You know the answer, so be honest with yourself). Breathe and let that shit go! Then breathe in again and let the happiness rush in that we all deserve.

Be curious, talk to that inside voice, breathe with it and listen to what it is telling you.  By simply breathing and observing the inhale, the exhale, the thoughts and the body, you can hear and understand just exactly what your emotions and body are trying to tell you.  They will guide each and every one of us to find the answers and understandings that we all seek. Breathe lots, keep the balance and keep it simple!

"Life isn’t meant to exist in a narrow color spectrum of perpetual happiness. That’s a movie. It’s not reality. Experience all your vivid, fiery, watery emotions. Give yourself permission to be full bodied. You’re peeling. Revealing. It’s a messy, magnificent process." — Kris Carr