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Self Healing Get Away

A Reiki Course, A Yoga Intensive & Assisted Integration

This is a week long self healing retreat in Vilcabamba Ecuador.  We will assist you to detox your body naturally with locally organic foods, detox your mind with an intensive yoga program that can be easily integrated into your life and help you to explore the many self healing options  to easily assist you to maintain your clear sense of well being.  Through out the week we will explore methods and ideas for you to take with you where ever your journey takes you!  

This program can be for individuals and/or groups.

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Learning How to Live Easy

 A week long International Retreat, geared toward those that are curious and wish to dive deeper into the realm of consciousness.  A new world awaits as we explore what really is possible in life.  Experience rich organic food, classes and workshops, meditation, yoga, Cacao Ceremony (chocolate), spa time, nature time, Exploration of the River and Valley of Longevity with time allotted for inner reflection.

We are Co-Hosting this Retreat with Living Joy Wellness and Retreats, from Hinton, AB.

We will be staying at the stunningly beautiful La Rivera Chamba in the heart of Vilcabamba.

November 24 — 1 December 2018

Energy and Manifestation

Energy is everything retreat!  Through out this week long journey we will explore the many aspects of Energy Healing.  How it feels, how it works and what we can do with it for self healing and creating the life of our dreams.  We will provide you with simple tools to integrate healing energies into your daily life.  We will focus on energy , consciousness, crystals and their uses along the path to self love.  Bring a couple of your favourite crystals to share and discuss and be prepared to shift your reality. Through out the week we will focus on enhancing your meditation practice, a major focus on healthy eating and a daily yoga practice that can and will change your life.  

June 2019