Energy is everything and it affects us in ways many of US never dreamed possible.  During this week long retreat we will explore the invisible thing that is called energy!  There will be lots of hands on and how too ways to feel, understand and share this amazing cosmic energy.  It is the basis of self healing and the more we understand energy, the easier life can become.  

Consciousness is what is really happening to the world, we as Humans are responsible for our own growth and acceptance of things that have been hidden from the world for a very long time.  Let us share and help you understand really what is happening to you and the world around you.


•Sharing Energy Basics

•Gentle Yoga Basics

•Discussing Consciousness

•Importance of Breath 

•Crystals Role in Evolution

•Overview of Crystal Uses

•Benefits of Meditation

•Self Healing                      

•Manifesting your life/dreams

•Integration into daily life

•How to Turn your inner light on & keep it on

•Ideas and exercises to continue your journey into Consciousness

This retreat runs the last week of the month. Email us for availability.