Usui Reiki I/II




Reiki is a pure form of healing not dependent on individual talent or acquired ability, is not dependent on intellectual capacity nor does one have to be able to meditate.  It does not take years of practice.  It is simply passed on from the teacher to the student.  As soon as this happens, one has Reiki and can use it!  

This course will take place over a two day period.  11:00-4:00 daily.  There will be 3 Attunements given.  

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January & March 2018



Energy Integration

Sat 24 February 2018

2-4:30 PM  


Energy Integration - Your Path to Creating YOUR Dreams

Workshop Overview

This class will provide you with simple tools to integrate into your daily life to create the life you dream of. We will focus on energy , consciousness , and crystals. Bring your favourite crystals to share and discuss , dress comfortably and prepare to shift your reality.
Cost of event $44

Event Hosted by Gypsy Skies - Edmonton, AB

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Reiki, Yoga & You!


Mon – Sun 



Reiki Level I OR  Reiki Master Course

A week to incorporate and use it within your daily life.

A focus on Self Healing through Reiki, Yoga, Hiking and Nutrition.  

June 2018


Ecuador Yoga & Adventure

Mon – Sun


The title says it all.  Yoga, Horse Back Riding, easy to Moderate hiking, easy cycling,  local market visits, plant education/harvesting walks and lots of time for just you.

June 2018


Usui Reiki Master

Sat – Sun


Entering into our own spirituality is a private journey.  Each of us will be drawn to a different gateway to begin on our personal path to awakening to a greater experience of ourselves.  Our inner guidance will lead us, so that we will be drawn to the right doorway for us; a doorway that only we can recognize by the way it makes us feel inside.  When it feels right the Usui Reiki Master course is the next step in your journey down the rabbit hole!

This course is over a 2 day period. 11:00-4:00 each day.  There will be 2 Attunements and lots of time for practice, questions and sharing ideals.  

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March/April 2018


Time Out




A week long retreat that will focus on developing a meditation practice, a focus on healthy eating and daily yoga. All with a goal to change your life and become the best YOU ever!  

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July 2018