Paying Attention

Being conscious ... what does that mean in Life today?  Perhaps like everything else in the world everyone has their own definition.  But what about consciously having the experiences that One has definitions for?  Yes, I am talking about stepping out of your comfort box and paying attention to every thought, word and action that emanates from your human vessel throughout the day.  Do they all match up?  

How many of us during the course of the day misplace, forget or completely lose track of stuff?  Clumsy?  Spacey?  Any idea why?  In my humble opinion it boils down to a couple of questions to ask yourself.  Are you focused on the task at hand, or are you distracted and thinking about a million other things.  Another way to look at it, are you grounded in a full connection with the planet?  Are you aware of all your thoughts, words and actions?  If not, perhaps one could learn to pay attention to what the world around you is telling saying.   

Our human bodies are amazing machines, a perfect computer that keeps our internal parts running smoothly when we are healthy of thought, word and deed.  We all know what happens when we start to worry ... we make all the stuff happen that we worry about.  "True fact".  Same goes for the happy stuff and dreams.  We can make those happen just as easy!  How you ask?  Pay attention to what your mind is doing, when you catch yourself on that "negative thought wheel, especially if the thoughts start with "What IF", stop yourself, recognize it and remember we are creators of our own destiny.  Once we begin to identify our own self destructive behaviors, we can then stop them from happening.  Just like re-programming your own computer.  

A beautiful way to give yourself a re-boot to life around you is to sit with your back up against a tree and your feet on the ground (barefoot is the best). Try to give yourself at least 10 minutes of breathing, listening, looking and feeling everything around you.  Nature is our roots, so dig in and allow her to nourish you in her perfect way!  

Slow down and just enjoy!  Experience your life as you were meant too!  Get out of your head and just be!

Namaste friends!


original post date:  04/08/17