Looking in on the War on Hate

Hate is such a harsh word with so much anger attached to it (my opinion) lately I cannot even stand to hear the word let alone be around anyone or anything that sends that vibe out.  In this small Andean town the energy of both hate and anger run rampant, and really it appears no different than the huge scope of the world and the hatred that is displayed between countries, governments eventually finding a path to the human and often those involved don't even understand the reason why the anger is present in the first place.  It is just OK because this is the way it has always been.

My answer NO it is not OK.  I have seen with my own eyes what anger and hatred can do to people.  They begin to walk all hunched over, their faces turn into a semi permanent scowl that makes one shiver just to see it, to be around it will make your insides squirm and your knees shake.  Anger coming from another person can literally do that to another being, be it human, plant or animal.  Sit with that for a minute while I share one of the many stories that have come into my field to teach and show what hatred does.

It all started with a rescue dog and his love for chickens that still have a beating heart.  Teaming up with other dogs (after he escaped a fenced yard), the feast began.  When the dogs were done feasting, 7 chickens were dead and of course the dogs were happy as could be.  Turns out that it cost $20+ for a dead chicken in this town.  Being new and learning the rules, we met one of our new neighbors (Pizza Man we will call him).  We were shown the dead chickens and we paid $140 for the 7 dead chickens, that more than one dog killed.  Oddly enough, Pizza Man had a dog that was to protect his chickens and was no where to be seen that day, but every day after that the chicken protector dog on his 3 ft chain snarled and wanted to come through the fence looking as if he wanted to eat every person/being that walked by.  Said Pizza Man has had 4 dogs since then, which have been killed one way or another by other angry people.  So, time moves forward as it does and other people in the neighborhood begin to jokingly comment that our dog killed 7 chickens and here is the punch line, it was never shared that we paid for the chickens.  On purpose, knowing or not, hatred and anger were spread and the damage done.  So now many not knowing the whole story have that same hatred scowl that I mentioned earlier.  The hate vibes from this one incident haunt us to this day. 

Part 2 of the Pizza Man story - at 700 AM one Sunday morning at our outdoor kitchen which is along the river.  I hear someone with a machete cutting a path along our fence.  (No one had ever been down there before).  Upon further exploration "pizza man" shows up again with a stunned looked on his face as he was caught doing something but to this day it is not sure what he was doing or why, but the police came by about an hour after the incident and scolded us for questioning pizza man and his motives. Here I would like to add that we did ask another neighbor to translate for us and his response was "I don't want to get involved! We have nicked named this person as "Crusty the Clown".  (Topic for ANOTHER day).  Parts 3-10 of this story can be shared in person!  

OK now back to the point of hatred and anger and what each can we do on a personal note to begin change to a more peaceful loving way of being.  If you are reading this blog, you will more than likely know that change for anything comes from within.   From within, meaning in those personal quiet times when internal dialog occurs, challenge yourself to STOP the angry and unkind thoughts.  Some are easier to rid than others, and in those MOMENTS, just STOP, don't do it anymore!!!!  Perhaps giving yourself a positive saying (mantra) to replace those thoughts.  There are many ways to do this, as simple as remembering to LOVE yourself and remember that your amazing loving being is worth it or a more in-depth way could be the mantra of ho'oponopono.  Riding self of anger and hatred will only prove to make your life more healthy and beautiful.  It can be easier than you believe! Truth will always set you free

Shanti Friends


original post 29/11/17