Indigo Wellness & Yoga was founded in 2006 by Wendy Allan-Kerr, a Holistic Practitioner that utilizes a variety of therapies, crystals and intuition in assisting each being in attaining their ultimate balance of unconditional self love. 

Promoting Wellness for a New World, by remembering what that "Sparking Energy"  inside your body is, to Understand that what resides within is where the journey starts and consciousness awakens.   WK   

Holistic health includes a variety of therapies that bring attention to the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life. Holistic health follows the belief that all parts of life are interwoven and equally important. Treatment in holistic health focuses on this belief.  Our world is changing  everyday often without us noticing the subtle changes occurring in our world, our community, our families and most of all within ourselves.  Yes that is right we are changing from the inside out with the help of the planets our ancient ancestors and creator.  

How do we adapt to the new humans we are becoming? Perhaps we are dancers of the light here to use unconditional love to continue creating the world we have alawys dreamed possible. The ways that are available to us are just a breath of love away literally as the illusion of what we thought was real and true is a created reality that we have done in our own minds.

For one who has controlled the mind, it is the best of friends, but for one who has failed to do so, it remains the greatest of enemies.
— Bhagavad Gita

Our intention is to share what this really means. In terms of real life; how and what your are feeling, is it all real? Maybe you think you are loosing your mind? We are here to help you understand you are right where you belong, having the life you planned with the unconditional knowing that you are on the right path of finding your true authentic self.

For More Information please contact us at: Indigo Wellness & Yoga/Linkedin Wendy Allan-Kerr